Ford Mustang в кантри музыке

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Ford Mustang в кантри музыке

June 28, 2015 - 06:45
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Быстрые автомобили и дух свободы что может быть лучше? Представители мото субкультуры могут со мной не согласиться, но культовый спорткар Ford Mustang доставит немало приятных моментов. Представляем подборку из десяти песен которые по нашему мнению должны встречаться в плейлисте у мустанговода.

Ford Mustang

1 Keith Urban – Sweet Thing

Yeah I know I'm gonna see you first thing tomorrow
But I just couldn't wait so I had to borrow
Uncle Jake's Mustang, its his favorite car
And so I can't stay long

2 Lady Antebellum – Generation Away

If I was an old car, I wanna be a Mustang
American made with a white rag top on a blue sky kind of day.

3 Jason Aldean – Tattoos On This Town

There's still black marks on that county road,
Where we drag raced our pick ups, and Mustangs

4 Changes Coming On", Alabama

Ford unveiled the Mustang
Things looked good in Detroit for the people there

5 Hardin County Line  Mark Collie

Out on Highway 64
Sat a Mustang and a GTO
They were revvin' engines and talkin' trash

They'd run for titles, they'd run for cash Well, the engines screamed and the rubber burned
As the Mustang hit its fourth turn
And the GTO was a-closin' fast
You could see the smoke, you could smell the gas

6 Kiss Me in the Car John Berry

Remember that 65 mustang that I bought in '74
I used to like to take you driving and get lost on those old dirt roads

7 When God-Fearin' Women Get the Blues Martina McBride

When God-Fearin' women get the blues
There ain't no slap dab atellin' what they're gonna do
Run around yellin' I gotta Mustang it'll do eighty
You don't have to be my baby

8 Won't Be Home Old 97's

I was born in the backseat of a Mustang
On a cold night in a hard rain
And the very first song that the radio sang
Was, 'I won't be home no more'

9 It's Too Late to Worry Jo Dee Messina

Billy Joe had a bumper sticker on the back of his beat up Chevrolet Said,
'This truck eats Fords for lunch'
So I pulled up beside him my new Mustang
Mornin' sun found a new Mustang abandoned in a Walmart parking lot
Note on the seat said Don't tow me away

10 Whiskey Girl Toby Keith

Baby got a '69 mustang Four on the floor, and you ought to hear the pipes ring